Very Short Paroxysms Account for More than Half of the Cases of Atrial Fibrillation detected after Stroke and TIA: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis - Luciano Sposato

November 11, 2015
Among stroke and transient ischemic attack patients without a history of atrial fibrillation, 9·0% (95% confidence interval: 4·9–14·3) experienced episodes of post stroke atrial fibrillation shorter than 30 s. 
An additional 6·5% (95% confidence interval: 3·2–10·9) experienced episodes of post stroke atrial fibrillation longer than 30 s. 
This means that among all patients with post stroke atrial fibrillation, 56·3% (95% confidence interval: 37·7–74·0) had post stroke atrial fibrillation episodes shorter than 30 s during diagnostic evaluation.
I'm Carmen Lahiff-Jenkins, Managing Editor of the International journal of Stroke and I spoke to Dr Sposato. 
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