Thanh Phan; Monash University, Department of Medicine 

It has been forty years since the ischaemic penumbra was first conceptualised through work on animal models. The topography of penumbra has been portrayed as an infarcted core surrounded by penumbral tissue and an extreme rim of oligaemic tissue. In the paper‘Refining the Ischaemic Penumbra with Topography’ first Author Thanh Phan et al reviewed the understanding of the topography of the ischaemic penumbra from the initial experimental animal models to current developments with neuroimaging which have helped to further define the temporal and spatial evolution of the penumbra and refine our knowledge. 

I’m Carmen Lahiff-Jenkins, Managing Editor of the International Journal of Stroke and I spoke to Dr Phan.

The International Journal of Stroke is the flagship publication of the World Stroke Organization 

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