The PRE-hospital Stroke Treatment Organization (PRESTO) was formed in 2016 as an international consortium of medical practitioners involved in pre-hospital treatment of patients with acute stroke. PRESTO’s mission is to improve stroke outcomes by supporting research and advocacy for pre- hospital stroke treatment in Mobile Stroke Units. The plan is that PRESTO will provide a platform to enhance collaborative research across the spectrum of acute stroke management in the pre-hospital setting. PRESTO will also facilitate the appropriate proliferation and distribution of MSUs by providing a forum for professional communication, resource for public education, and stimulus for government, industry, and philanthropic support.  PRESTO is not-for-profit, with membership open to anyone involved (or hoping to become involved) in pre-hospital stroke care. PRESTO has a Steering Committee comprised of members from Europe, U.S., Canada, Australia, and other regions having a MSU in operation. PRESTO convenes satellite meetings for membership at the ISC and ESOC each year to address the PRESTO mission. 

Carmen Lahiff-Jenkins, Managing Editor of the International Journal of Stroke and the World Stroke Academy spoke to Prof. James Grotta.

The International Journal of Stroke and the World Stroke Academy are the flagship publication, and the education platform of the World Stroke Organization - please consider becoming a member. 

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